How do I earn Fancoins?

When you register through a participating Plink™ business or through Plink, you will earn Fancoins by simply buying from participating businesses using your enrolled credit and/or debit cards. The list of businesses is always growing and can be found here. Fancoins are rewarded by participating merchants based on discretion and parameters set by the participating merchant and specified in each offer. Fancoins are rewarded when your payment processes, as long as you have not received another reward (discount, gift card, etc.) on that same purchase. The amount you have earned is always found on your Fanboard.

How can I use Fancoins?

Fancoins can be redeemed for various items available in the Fanstore, such as gift cards and cash back.  Head to the Fanstore now and see what you can redeem for your Fancoins.

What else do I need to know?

If you have not accessed your account for 12 months, your account will be deactivated and your Fancoins will be forfeited. Unused Fancoins expire after 12 months. Fancoins earned at merchants that are no longer participating in the Plink program expire at the time the merchant cancels service with Fanbank. Fancoins are not earned from merchants that are no longer participating in the Fanbank program.

What is Plink?

Plink provides shop local resources to small, local businesses across the country. By empowering businesses in your local community with new commerce tools, Plink gives them resources to thrive and compete with big, Wall Street-backed chains, while rewarding you each time you make a purchase from them. Our mission is to support local business so that communities like yours can continue to thrive and grow.