Advanced Technology Built for the Small Business Owner

Plink™ technology is the first commerce automation platform created specifically for the sales needs of Main Street businesses. Built from 40 years of payments infrastructure, 20 years of mobile and geo-fencing capabilities and 10 years of social engagement platforms, Plink’s small business sales technology helps attract local shoppers and facilitate a complete, modern sales cycle for local, independent businesses.

Fanbank technology - Advanced Transaction processing, Machine Learning, Personalization, Payments, Mobile & Geo-fence, Social Media


Mobile and Geo-fence

Social Media

Simplifying Shop Local for Neighborhood Businesses Everywhere

Plink removes the traditional barriers to online commerce for businesses that sell in-person goods and services. Our platform automates customer communications and competitive offers, enables stored values for customers using existing payment cards and point of sale solutions, and simplifies settlement. No new hardware or time is required.

How it Works

Fanbank automation

Promote and sell custom offers from any device, any card

Fanbank links to your customers' existing cards

Connect custom offer purchases to customers' existing cards

Fanbank automatically settles on any POS

Automatically settle offers in-store with any existing POS

Online Promotion to In-Person Settlement on One Platform

With Plink’s complete commerce automation platform, local businesses receive comprehensive tools needed to identify potential local buyers and engage them throughout the entire purchasing funnel without having to spend their time managing complex software setup or multiple promotional channels. 

Members choose a sales strategy that works for their exact business, business type, and local customer base. Then, the Plink platform amplifies each personalized offer online with automated strategies optimized by thousands of data points, using a member's in-store systems to close sales and drive new business.

Fanbank's platform is all encompassing

Plink’s invite-only network is serving businesses nationwide

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