Up Until Now Transactions Have Been Simple, Second-Grade Math

It’s time for a payment transaction to do more than subtract a purchase from a balance. Plink has added intelligence to over one billion payment transactions so businesses receive dramatically more value, banks regain their relevance, cardholders increase their spend, and communities become stronger.

Fanbank technology - Advanced Transaction processing, Machine Learning, Personalization, Payments, Mobile & Geo-fence, Social Media


Digital Banking


Smart Transactions are Smarter for Everyone

Plink’s API allows any payment network to make its transactions smart. In real time, Plink enhances data, applies business rules, and takes action so that banks, merchants, and cardholders get more value from their transactions.

How it Works

Fanbank automation

Banks Use Current
Digital Banking

Fanbank links to your customers' existing cards

Consumers Use
Existing Accounts

Fanbank automatically settles on any POS

Merchants Use
Existing POS

The Transaction is the New Cookie

Plink enables over 350 banks to build deep connections with clients, hundreds of thousands of merchants to see profit breakthroughs, and over 10 million consumers to get more value from banks and businesses. Without harmful, privacy-invading business models, Plink’s highly regulated, permission-based ecosystem builds rich relationships while maintaining complete anonymity

Fanbank's platform is all encompassing

Plink’s invite-only network is serving businesses nationwide

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