Plink for Small Businesses

Plink is an online platform that enables small businesses to create and grow commerce transactions with target customers right in their own neighborhood. 

With Plink’s integrated commerce tools, small businesses can compete with big chains and franchises by seamlessly adding dozens of features to their existing point of sale systems or countertop terminals. Plink makes it easy to turn potential online, digitally-minded customers in neighborhoods nationwide into consumers of in-person goods and services at local businesses, all while automating the promotional and fulfillment legwork.

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Who Uses Plink?

The Plink platform is the first platform uniquely built for the truly independent local business owner. Plink is used by non-chain, non-franchise businesses with less than five locations or 20 employees.

Plink was created for use by all categories of local businesses. Members using Plink include restaurants, health & wellness practitioners, fitness centers and personal trainers, home and garden centers, beauty providers, and many more.

What Does Plink Do?

Plink’s commerce automation technology provides small business owners with access to a library of exclusive campaigns that allows business owners to accomplish their business goals.


Run Unique Local Campaigns Tailored to Local Customers

Small business owners can select a customized campaign, build their own unique campaign, or leverage major brands to promote their business.

Build Custom Campaigns

Create a personalized, timed offer tailored for exact businesses, offered online and redeemed in your store.

Run Sweepstakes

Quickly build up a local customer contact list and generate interest in your business with national sweepstakes campaigns.

Create Seasonal Campaigns

Select from a range of seasonal campaigns that align with major retail events, holidays, and other moments important to local buyers. 

Major Brands Gifts

Offer customers a free e-gift card from a brand they love when they purchase from your business. Plink’s broad library of brands provides the perfect fit for all small business types.


Automate Your Social Media Advertising

Plink amplifies the number of local customers who see a member's chosen local offers by running customized, automatic Facebook ads.

Automate Facebook Ads

Plink creates, designs, and launches sponsored Facebook ads for each campaign for every Member.

Personalized Local Targeting

Our sophisticated commerce automation uses geolocation technology and territory exclusivity to show ads to a member's ideal customers who live in their neighborhood, on their mobile devices.


Capture New Customer Information

Plink handles all of the online infrastructure needed to turn online viewers into new customers of your offline business.

Automated Landing Pages

The Plink system sets up end-to-end customer experiences for all member campaigns that convert a business’s online audience into new buyers.

Email Capture

Plink collects customer contact information and builds a ready-to-use, continually updated customer email list that business owners can use at any time. 


Sell Online and Fulfill Offers In-Store

When customers make online purchases from customized member online experiences, Plink handles all fulfillment and credit card processing when those customers redeem the offer in-person. Members benefit from sales without managing the logistics of offer fulfillment.

Store Purchases on Customer Credit Cards

Plink stores online purchases on customers’ credit cards so the purchase is recognized when the customer redeems the offer in-person.

POS Settlement

Plink recognizes when customers make a purchase in-store and fulfills the discounts, e-gift cards, and other online offers purchased from a member.


Continually Engage Your Potential Customers

Ready-made campaign tools in the Plink Member Portal offer everything a small business needs to engage both new and existing customers. 

Email Your Fanbase tool allows members to directly contact and sell to customers who sign up for campaigns and giveaways over time. 

Member campaign kits provide a rotating library of seasonal plug-and-go social media graphics, end-to-end customer experiences, printable flyers, emails, and more that members can download and use in their promotional activities.

Fan stats and campaign history show members information on their customers, which campaigns are performing, and how their performance stacks up against industry averages.

Why Use Plink?

Create new local business opportunities

Plink enables small business owners to accomplish their business goals by promoting campaigns beyond the storefront and reaching customers in real-time on their mobile devices.

Partner with major brands shoppers already love

Earn trust, amplify your brand, and increase conversion by bundling your campaign offers with e-gift cards of major brands customers already know and love.

Save time, money, and headaches running local campaigns

Create and launch campaigns that used to take you hours in just minutes. Business owners go back to focusing on day-to-day operations, not the hassle of setting up promotions.

Control small business promotions

Get complete control over online campaigns and customer lists without putting in ranking bids or paying extra to show up to the right customers. 

Your Plink App automatically runs custom campaigns

No tech experience required

It’s easy to reach the profit potential of every customer

No messing with your store or staff. It all happens on your customers’ cards.

Live on over 5,000 banks

Use affinity brands to give them the personal savings they love

60+ nationally-recognized brands

Plink’s invite-only network is serving businesses nationwide

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