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Inspire wellness customers through seasonal campaigns that draw attention for your business. Our health and beauty members appreciate the integrated solutions that we provide hair salons, barber shops, spas, wellness centers, and more.

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Making it all happen

Shelton Wellness Center, founded in 2010 by the board-certified massage therapist Rebecca Shelton, offers massage therapy, group fitness classes, and other services to help reverse the negative effects of stress on the body.

Shelton Wellness Center’s positive reputation and strong client relationships made them a go-to spot for massage therapy in Mesa. In spite of that, the business lacked the resources needed to grow and better engage customers. Making matters even more complicated, competing chains and online wellness retailers had advertising strategies so sophisticated that they threatened to monopolize the market.

When Shelton first tried to ramp up her own marketing efforts, she reached one dead end after another. She tried reaching new customers on social media and bought radio ads, but neither drove much business. Shelton then tried spending 12 to 15 hours a week on marketing, but that meant spending time on areas where she had less experience, rather than her areas of expertise.

Fanbank member Shelton Wellness Center
Fanbank member Shelton Wellness center

More time and more engagement

Ultimately, Shelton signed up for Plink and customer engagement skyrocketed:
* More than 200% increase in newsletter subscribers

* Increased newsletter engagement and conversions
* 96% decrease in time spent on marketing

Best of all, Shelton doesn’t need to spend much time to see these results: She only spends about 30 minutes a week on marketing, down from 12 to 15 hours weekly, and she gets a quick email response from her Plink support team if she ever has questions or wants to make changes. At this point, Plink has more than paid for itself.

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