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Matching the right seasonal message for your home services business is critical to attract attention. Stay top of mind with customers who are looking for home goods, home services, cleaning services, landscaping, plumbing services, and more.

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Finding the right solution to attract leads

Originate Natural Building Materials sells environmentally friendly building materials, including nontoxic interior finishes and salvaged materials from demolition sites.

Natasha Winnik, the founder of Originate, organized her business around an ethos she knew would resonate—offering sustainable building products to homeowners and contractors. Originate first opened its doors in October 2003. As time passed, social media became more of a challenge to reach customers, as it grew increasingly difficult to capture prospects’ interest. More specifically, ongoing changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithms have meant that users don’t see or engage with business promotions as much as they used to.

Winnik tried investing in a range of marketing tools to generate more leads. She took out print ads, ran ads on local radio stations, advertised her business on Houzz through their Pro Program, and used SEO, but she didn’t see clear results. Making matters worse, all those efforts cost way more money than she had to spare as a small business owner.

Fanbank member Originate Natural Building Materials
Fanbank member Originate Natural Building Materials

More leads, spend less

Winnik heard the story of a yoga studio owner who’d had the same problem and found a solution in Plink. Inspired, Winnik signed up for Plink in May of 2018, reasoning that the software-as-a-service platform would cost less and deliver more than the other methods she’d tried.
Since then, she’s gotten almost 200 new email leads via auto-run social media campaigns, promotional emails, and ready-to-use banner templates. These individuals live and shop in her neighborhood, so they’re more likely to patronize Originate than the leads captured by other services that cast too broad of a net. Her business is seeing an uptick, because she’s getting the lead-generating value that large brands enjoy at a price she can afford.

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