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Connect with local shoppers in your community with compelling offers from big brand partners and fresh content based on seasonal and cultural events. Apparel stores, antique stores, artisan shops, and more are taking advantage of Plink tools.

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Strengthening a Community

Flagler Board Shack sells and rents surfboards, skateboards, and athletic gear to devotees and newcomers alike.

Since taking over the business in 2015, Tommy Mulligan has made community support—both accepting and extending it—a pillar of Flagler Board Shack’s operations. He creates a homey, informal atmosphere in the shop, where he employs lots of locals, and never shoos away the young surfers and skaters (also known as groms) who hang around the storefront. Mulligan even allows customers to barter for rentals, sometimes with beer!

To help keep social ties and the economy strong in his small town of 5,000 people, Mulligan collaborates with other local business owners, making sure they complement each other’s offerings. He’s also worked with them to create a “Savor Flagler” shop-local campaign, which offers customers 10 to 15 percent off some purchases at participating businesses, because a thriving Main Street benefits all its neighbors.

Fanbank member Flagler Board Shack

Local Fan Perks for Groms

Still, Mulligan wanted to do even more to shore up the mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and their customers. So, in the summer of 2018, he signed up for Plink, knowing that the software-as-a-service platform would incentivize customers to shop local without shortchanging businesses.

Through Plink, he can offer his customers rewards from major brands, like a free gift with purchase, that he couldn’t otherwise afford as an entrepreneur with a lean operation. It’s been a success—another way of drumming up interest and thanking the clientele that have made his community into a home.

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